All you need to know about the new iPhone

The iPhone 5s packs a lot more power in a very familiar package, while the iPhone 5c is all about the colored cases

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It's been clear for some time that there's not a lot any company can do with the smartphone hardware any more. They've become like PCs -- basically the same each time, with the usual faster hardware and some minor improvements (like the fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 5s) every year -- nothing to stop the presses about.

Consider the Samsung Galaxy S 4, a minor update to the nice Galaxy S III. Technologically, it didn't move the needle much. The same goes for the stylish HTC One. Motorola Mobility's latest devices didn't even both to try to move the needle. Last year's iPhone 5 was a very nice smartphone, but not significantly better enough for me to upgrade from my iPhone 4. The changes are getting incremental or superficial. The iPhone 5c has no appeal as an iPhone 4 upgrade, at least not for me. The iPhone 5s packs a lot more in the bezel, and the truth is that my iPhone 4 has been feeling pokey for a while now, so for me the primary appeal is that faster device.

Now that the iPhone extravaganza has ended, there'll be about six hours of masturbatory celebration by fanboy sites battling snarky remarks by others platforms' fanboys. Pundits like me will tell you what it really means. Then the rumors and made-up "facts" about new iPhones and iPads will begin again, before the evening news starts. The window of interest keeps getting shorter, as the products get less dramatic. Just ask Samsung, Google, HTC, and Motorola, whose own earth-shattering events this year had all the shelf life of soufflés.

Make no mistake: The new iPhone 5s will have strong appeal, and it will be a good product. Maybe I'll upgrade my iPhone 4 to it, even. And that's all you really need to know about the new iPhone.

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