Welcome to Larry Ellison's lifestyle of the rich and shameless

Love or hate him, Oracle's CEO/co-founder can make a splash, whether at OpenWorld, America's Cup, or points in between

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Clothing optional

In yet another, somewhat less tony part of town, the New Century Theater is suing Oracle, claiming that one of its employees ran up more than $33,000 in charges during last year's Oracle OpenWorld, and now the company has refused to pay.

For those who've never been there, New Century is an establishment where fit young women wear very little clothing to begin with, then proceed to remove what's left. According to SFGate:

An Oracle spokeswoman declined to comment on the suit.

New Century's attorney David Cook wasn't talking either, telling us only that the lawsuit speaks for itself. And maybe so does Cook's email address: Cook@SqueezeBloodFromTurnip.com.

If the strippers were wearing sailor's caps and Docksiders, I'm sure Larry would have had no problem footing the bill. Maybe New Century will also erect a statue and point it in Larry's direction.

There's something about Larry

Hey, when you're worth $40 billion, you generally get to do what you want. I get that. But while Larry fiddles around with the sport that kings would play if only they had more money, Oracle burns. The database giant is falling behind Salesforce and friends in the race to own customers in the cloud, Bloomberg's Aaron Ricadela reports:

While he's seeking to convert customers to cloud computing and buying smaller companies to offer more business software, Ellison faces headwinds in technology spending that's resulted in flat to negative sales growth in the last two fiscal quarters.

Last year, Big L tried to squeeze a few billion dollars out of Google in a patent dispute and got soundly spanked. As InfoWorld's Paul Krill notes, "Java security" is still an oxymoron. And as Serdar Yegulalp writes, Oracle's in-memory database is about to have its lunch money stolen by open source alternatives, then dangled from a school locker by its BVDs.

Can Team Oracle (the company) stage as dramatic a comeback as Oracle Team (the yachters)? Maybe, but I suspect that at age 69 Larry's heart just isn't in it any more.

Here's a suggestion. Next year, instead of OpenWorld, Ellison should hold a conference for all of the former business partners, customers, neighbors, strippers, and ex-wives who are ticked off at him. I think he'll need a bigger venue than Moscone, though -- maybe Candlestick Park, preferably after its final demolition.

How would you spend $40 billion? Present your grandiose visions below or email me: cringe@infoworld.com.

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