In case you need another reason to hate Google Glass

Wearable PC stars in a Silicon Valley scandal involving Google co-founder. Say, Sergey, how do you feel about privacy now?

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Enquiring minds want to know

So many questions, so little chance of getting anyone involved to respond. Still:

  • Were Sergey and Amanda swapping bits while he was still shacked up with the missus? Is that the reason they split?
  • Was Amanda making the G+ beast with Sergey behind Barra's back? Is that why he took the high road to China?
  • Will this impact Google's share price? (No, I don't care about this either, but I feel like I'm supposed to ask.)
  • Will Barra's departure alter Google's plans for Android? (Ditto.)
  • Will Android "Key Lime Pie" now be more bitter than sweet?
  • How much is Ann W's prenup worth in cold hard cash?
  • Does she have Sergey's DNA sequence squirreled away in a safety deposit box, as insurance?
  • Do Sergey and Mandy both wear Google Glass when they, ahem, swap data?

OK, strike that last one, it's too horrible to contemplate.

That's a nice diversion from the dark times we live in. Well, maybe not so nice for Amanda R., who now finds herself paying the power and influence tax without much of either. But it's a useful reminder that even our most boring tech gods have a) exciting private lives, and b) feet of clay.

All we're lacking now is a good title for the soap opera.

"As the URL Turns"?

"The Googling Light"?

"The Young and the Techless"?

Tune in tomorrow for another thrilling episode.

What would you call the Google love quadrangle? Post your titles below or email me:

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