Video: PostgreSQL succeeds where MySQL fails

Head-to-head comparison shows MySQL failing to report major data errors, which would lead to big headaches for developers

Rob Conery has a problem with MySQL: It doesn't take his data at face value and, therefore, doesn't report errors it should be catching.

In the above video, Conery sets up a basic MySQL query, including a directive that nulls should not be allowed. He then intentionally tries to add data with nulls, hoping that MySQL will catch the error. It doesn't. Conery notes, "MySQL decided, 'You tried to insert null, but what you really meant was zero.' No data should be allowed in this database. MySQL should honor your directives: No nulls." Instead, the database decides what it thinks you meant and allows the bad data to be entered. Even worse, Conery shows how MySQL will alter your existing data to fit new parameters, creating major headaches for developers who will wonder where these new data values are coming from.

PostgreSQL, on the other hand "honors your data," according to Conery, by reporting errors and not allowing faulty data to be entered.

Ed. note: This article originally identified the speaker in the video as Philip Thrasher. The speaker is actually Rob Conery, and this article has been updated with the correct identification. The full video of Conery's presentation can be seen below.

Rob Conery - Five Things You Didn't Know About PostGresSQL from NDCOslo on Vimeo.

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