Video: iPhone 5s vs. .50-caliber rifle

The iPhone 5s is a sexy piece of technology, but how well does it take a bullet?

It is now de riguer to put new mobile devices through torture tests. But there are torture tests, then there are torture tests. The video below depicts the latter category.

The testing, administered by Rated RR, starts out pretty standard -- tests to see if the iPhone 5 will still work after being dropped on concrete (yes) or quickly immersed in water (yes, impressively enough). Then the fun begins as the iPhone meets its toughest challenge yet. No, it's not an Android device. It's a Barrett 82A1 .50-caliber military rifle. The winner of this showdown may surprise you!

Or it may not, but it will entertain you, especially with the slo-mo replays. And the iPhone takes the first bullet surprisingly well -- it doesn't even fall over. Unfortunately, the 82A1 can fire more than one round and, well, watch the results for yourself.

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