BALLMER FALLOUT: Pushed? Nadella next? -- CHINA's largest DOS attack -- NOSQL insecurity -- New GOOGLE dev policy changes billing, Play security -- MARISSA MAYER bio


August 26, 2013 06:00 PDT | 09:00 EDT | 13:00 UTC

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>> BALLMER FALLOUT: Must-reads among thousand of weekend articles about SteveB's "retirement" ...

>>>> The interview: Remarkable face-to-face with Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet

>>>> Departure planned since 2010, by Dina Bass, Scott Moritz, Sarah Frier Bloomberg

>>>> Why Ballmer is headed for the exit, by Eric Knorr InfoWorld

>>>> Ballmer departure from Microsoft was more sudden than portrayed by the company,  by Kara Swisher AllThingsD

>>>> Ballmer and the Albatross known as Windows, by Harry McCracken Time

>>>> Steve just rebuilt Microsoft's senior executive team with the next generation, by Hal Berenson

>>>> Microsoft needs a new CEO who probably doesn't exist, by Peter Bright Ars Technica

>>>> Two strong contenders: Bates and Nadella, by Woody Leonhard, InfoWorld

>>>> Two strong contenders: Maritz and Nadella, by Brier Dudley, Seattle Times

>>>> Microsoft's Next Era, by Aaron Levie, TechCrunch

>>>> Ballmer legacy: $350 billion in value subtracted Dataviz

>> OH BY THE WAY: Microsoft releases Windows 8.1 to manufacturing, by Mary Jo Foley: "They said they'd do it by the end of August. And as we head into the last stretch, it seems Microsoft has released to manufacturing (RTMed) Windows 8.1" ZDNet

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>> SPY VS. SPY: Chinese Internet hit by attack over weekend, by Paul Mozur: "Part of the Chinese Internet went down early Sunday morning in what the government is calling the largest denial-of-service attack it has ever faced.... The attack, which was aimed at the registry that allows users to access sites with the extension ".cn," likely shut down the registry for about two to four hours." WSJ ChinaRealTime

>> #FAIL: Amazon server issues take down Instagram, Vine, Airbnb, and IFTTT, by Chris Velazco: TechCrunch

>> ECOSYSTEMS: NoSQL has come far, but still needs better security, management, by Paul Krill: "While NoSQL has made great strides, it will need improvements in multiple areas in order to gain wider acceptance, Max Schireson, the CEO of MongoDB NoSQL database vendor 10gen, said." InfoWorld

>> BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Google's new developer policies will help foster a safer Play store, by Florence Ion: "Designed to help filter out those (apps) that are offensive, or intrusive to the Android operating system." TechHive

>>>> On the other hand: "Google just banned third party in-app payment providers from Android. Ouch.... Interesting shift in dynamics for operator billing providers on Android. Google will now effectively be granting local monopolies." @BenedictEvans

>> DRIP DRIP: NSA tapped into UN video conferences, by Joe Mullin: Ars Technica

>> RICKROLL: Web ad killer AdBlock launches crowdfunding initiative to finance… an Internet ad campaign , by Jon Russell: "We're going to use ads to get rid of ads. We will use the money raised to make AdBlock banner ads and video commercials, and we will show these across the Internet to people who don't have AdBlock." TheNextWeb

>> WHAT SERGEY IS READING: The truth about Marissa Mayer: An unauthorized biography, by Nicholas Carlson: "The biggest question about Mayer: Can she save Yahoo?" Detailed and fascinating. Business Insider

>> SV GROUPTHINK: A blogger mocks the denizens of Silicon Valley, by Nick Bilton: "Sam Biddle may have one of the easiest jobs in technology journalism. That is, easy if you have the stomach for his line of work." New York Times (paywall)

>> HOLLYWOOD FTW: Netflix executive upends Hollywood, by Dawn Chmielewski: "Ted Sarandos took a big gamble on committing to 'House of Cards' without a pilot and releasing all its episodes at once. And he says ratings are irrelevant." L.A. Times

>> HOW IT ISN'T PLAYING: Google blocks Chromecast app that let you stream your own videos, by Chris Welch: "Google hasn't provided a clear answer on whether Chromecast will eventually let users stream their own local videos and music to the TV screen. But if early updates... are any indication, the company doesn't want third-party developers trying to deliver that functionality." The Verge

>> DOUBLE RAINBOW: Introducing a brand-new way to share everything. PRSM: The Sharing Network

>> SHOVELS & PICK-AXES: The developer tools gaining the most momentum right now. Mattermark

>> VALLEY VS. ALLEY: Why New York tech is still lagging, by Jessi Hempel: Money, People, Exits. Forbes

>> GEEK ON, DUDE: 22 years ago today Linus Torvalds sent the email that started it all. Linux (hat tip: Andy Stanford-Clark)

>> F'D: Naughty NSA agents spied on lovers, by Gregory Ferenstein: TechCrunch

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "‘Doing a deal at Burning Man' is the new 'Doing a deal at someplace douchey.'" @alexia

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