CommVault announces VM Archiving to eliminate VM sprawl

Solution integrates into Simpana platform, reclaiming VMware vSphere resources and boosting virtual platform utilization

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David West, CommVault's senior vice president for worldwide marketing and business development, says VM sprawl is an increasingly complex issue, especially in large data centers. West adds that users can reclaim wasted resources, save money, and free up primary storage capacity by using CommVault's latest feature.

"The ability to automatically archive underutilized VMs as part of the Simpana 10 platform provides huge cost savings and efficiency and is a key strategy for enterprises on their journey to modern data management," says West. "Wasted VMs can have a major impact on costs, which is where the new VM Archiving functionality comes in to automatically identify, power down, relocate, archive, and recover inactive virtual machines in VMware vSphere environments."

Other products may move the data, but they typically only make copies and often require manual labor. Even then, they aren't truly archiving the virtual machines. Simpana VM Archiving, on the other hand, incorporates traditional backup and virtual machine archiving in a single operation for VMware vSphere environments.

This new technology enables a host of new and interesting features:

  • Using administrator-defined policies, VM Archiving functionality can find, relocate, and retire stale or orphaned virtual machines that are inactive during the backup process to enable increased administrative control.
  • The solution also lets administrators set parameters for automatic management of virtual resources and expiration criteria based on CPU, network, and disk usage. Once configured, archiving can be performed as part of the normal backup cycle.
  • The software can also migrate powered-off virtual machines from Tier 1 storage to more cost-efficient, longer retention tier storage, such as tape, local disk, or storage in the cloud.
  • It can also quickly recover archived virtual machines using a stub (marker) in VMware vCenter, which removes the risks associated with deleting virtual machines to eliminate VM sprawl.

CommVault is currently demonstrating its new VM Archiving solution along with its recently released Simpana 10 platform at VMworld 2013 taking place this week in San Francisco. If you want to see it firsthand and in action, you can check it out at their booth. And while you are at it, check out these other five vendors at VMworld.

You can also keep up with live coverage of VMworld 2013 by following me on Twitter at @vmblogcom. Please find me at the show and say hello.

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