5 new vendors to watch at VMworld 2013

Virtualization and cloud newcomers show off application, networking, and storage releases in the Solutions Exchange

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Infinio's coming out party will take place at VMworld 2013. After getting a prebrief by company executives back in June, I believe the company is poised to become one of those disruptive software technologies in the storage industry.

The company's first product is called Infinio Accelerator, described as "downloadable storage performance for NAS-backed virtual infrastructures." When the need for more storage performance arises, the first answer may not be to throw more hardware at the problem or to purchase a more expensive solid-state-drive (SSD) storage solution. Instead, Infinio's claim to fame is that its software-only solution can extend the performance of the NAS device you already have in place. It's a virtual appliance that sits between the virtual machine storage traffic and the NFS datastore. To enhance storage performance, it uses server-side caching to minimize the I/O traffic load on the centralized storage.

Unlike other newcomers locating themselves in the New Innovators pavilion section at VMworld, Infinio is blasting ahead with a bronze-level sponsorship, making itself much more visible to attendees walking the exhibit show floor.

Perhaps following the "go big or go home" mantra, PernixData is going all out as a Silver sponsor of this year's VMworld event.

PernixData is a startup founded by VMware veterans that recently raised $20 million in new financing. The company says its software can turn server-based flash storage into a resource shared across a standard VMware cluster of as many as 32 systems.

The software, called PernixData FVP, virtualizes server-side flash so that companies can quickly and inexpensively improve storage performance. What's interesting is that the technology can stitch together flash memory across servers in a virtualized cluster into a shared cache, which can in turn serve as a tier of storage above a SAN for the most-used data to create a performance data tier.

This is a software-only product that uses on-server flash that customers already have deployed, and it works with any products currently supported by VMware's software. That's a win for PernixData because it means companies won't have to change out their existing infrastructure.

For now, it only works with VMware's hypervisor. However, the company has stated that it plans to migrate this solution over to Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM in the future.

In my opinion, network virtualization is bringing the sexy back to networking, and it's becoming the next big disruption in the modern data center. Companies like PLUMgrid are trying to capitalize on this emerging market.

PLUMgrid came out of stealth mode after securing $10.7 million in Series A funding a year ago. To pull it all together, it has assembled a team of industry veterans across companies such as Cisco Systems, Marvell, Nicira, Sun, Vyatta, and VMware.

A little more than a month ago, the company released PLUMgrid Platform, a solution designed to automate data center operations and increase IT efficiency and productivity while reducing associated costs. The software solution is targeted at enterprises and cloud service providers building public and private cloud data centers. According to the company, it enables users to quickly and easily create, copy, and deploy secure multitenant virtual networks.

PLUMgrid is another first-time VMworld sponsor, and you can find the company in the New Innovator pavilion.

What other companies are on your list of "must see" vendors at this year's VMworld event? What other newcomers should be top of mind for people searching out new and innovative technologies?

I hope to see many of you at the show. If we cross paths, please say hello and introduce yourself. VMworld is a great networking event, and I've made many friends at this show over the years. You can trace my VMworld footsteps on Twitter by following me at @vmblogcom.

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