Screenshots of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch leaked

Apparent screenshots of Samsung's smartwatch hit the Web ahead of its expected Sept. 4 introduction


When your sink leaks, that's a problem. When your screenshots do, it's all gravy.

While the big reveal on Samsung's smartwatch isn't until September 4, some apparent screenshots of the highly anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch app hit the Web Thursday.

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Twitter user @evleaks posted two screen grabs (shown above) that reveal little else aside from a model number (SM-V700) and details on how to connect the Gear to an NFC-enabled smartphone (by tapping the device to a charger).

While the images, which seem to be displaying an app called Galaxy Gear Manager, don't confirm or deny many of the rumors floating around, they do show a settings menu that includes various options such as My Apps, Samsung Apps, and Find My Watch. This seems to suggest that the Gear smartwatch will be able to run several apps. No surprises there.

The screenshot that shows how one would connect their Gear smartwatch to their smartphone via NFC also mentions a charger and mentions both manual and Bluetooth connections.

That's....not a lot to go on, but that didn't stop a handful of people from excitedly retweeting the post, which is a good sign for Samsung as it indicates a level of consumer interest that hasn't waned since the release of the Pebble.

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