Review: Acer Iconia W3-810 is too little, too lame

The world's first 8-inch Windows tablet is long on portability and battery life, short on everything else

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Actually, the W3 can be neatly packaged up for travel by fitting it in a depression on the back of the keyboard, but Acer didn't put as much thought into actually using the keyboard while you're on the move. Typing on the keyboard is unpleasant: It flexes noticeably, the keys are prone to rattling, and the throw is short, with little tactile feedback.

At least I can't complain about the battery life. My Netflix rundown test pumped a good 8 hours, 30 minutes out of the W3, thanks to the dual-core Atom Z2760 on board. But don't plan on running more than a few apps at a time, as the system sports a mere 2GB of RAM and a barely usable 32GB of internal storage. (My unit shipped with a 64GB drive, but only had 32GB of usable space.)

It's nothing short of remarkable that a full-blown Windows 8 machine has been packed into a system as small and light as the Iconia W3. But the problems and shortcomings that are also part of this package make the W3 a curiosity at best. Try again, Acer.

Acer Iconia W3-810 at a glance

PriceStarts at $299 MSRP
ProcessorIntel Atom Z2760 1.5GHz
Memory2GB LPDDR2
Storage32GB eMMC
Weight1.1 pounds undocked
Dimensions8.62 x 5.21 x 0.44 inches
Display8 inches @ 1,280 x 800
Battery rundown test8 hours, 30 minutes
Ports1 Micro USB 2.0, 1 Micro HDMI, 1 Micro SIM card
Management featuresNone
Sandra 2013 score0.65kPt

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