Yahoo snags Rockmelt with plans to kill its aggregation apps

Yahoo continues to snag hip, young startups in its quest to become a next-gen mobile company

Yahoo's transformative string of acquisitions continues as the company has revealed plans to acquire Rockmelt, a three-year old startup that has spawned an array of desktop and mobile apps for aggregating a range of Web content, from social media to news articles. Fans of Rockmelt will likely be disappointed to learn that Yahoo intends to kill off Rockmelt's existing apps and services effective Aug. 31, according to the Rockmelt blog.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made it clear that she wants for her company to become a next-gen mobile company that delivers rich visual content and services via smartphones, tablets, wearables, and beyond. This acquisition, along with others like Tumblr, Rondee, and Loki, point in that direction.

According to Yahoo's Mike Kerns and Adam Cahan, Rockmelt's technology is a fitting addition to the company's evolving platform, noting that the two companies share a common goal of connecting users with personalized Web content.

"Rockmelt was designed to make sense of the Internet. The team has built a simple and beautiful technology that combines social, personalization, and discovery to help you not only find what you're looking for, but also stumble across some cool stuff along the way," they wrote. "We can't wait to integrate the Rockmelt technology into our platform."

Yahoo does intend to integrate Rockmelt's underlying technology into its own platform, though how that will happen remains to be seen. Rockmelt does offer a means for users to export their bookmarks and feeds as an OPML file: Each of the company's products include a tile that, when clicked, initiates the export service.

Yahoo has already demonstrated that it's ready and willing to euthanize services that don't fit in to to its broader vision. In July, the company revealed it will be pulling the plug on its venerable AltaVista search, WebPlayer, Yahoo RSS Alerts, and other apps -- and a couple of APIs -- in favor of the YQL (Yahoo Query Language). Prior to that, the company announced it was shutting down Yahoo Avatars, the Yahoo Message Boards website, Yahoo App Search, Yahoo SMS Alerts, Yahoo Mail, and Messenger J2ME apps for feature phones.

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