Video: Microsoft demos new Outlook for Windows 8.1

A presentation at WPC 2013 shows off the new features of the upcoming version of Microsoft's popular email application

Jensen Harris, program manager for Windows user experience, demonstrated a new version of Outlook coming to Windows 8.1 later in 2013 at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston. As seen in this video, Harris showed off upgrades and new features that largely focused on one topic: organization.

Besides abilities like flagging emails and maintaining a list of favorite contacts, Outlook is geared toward helping users deal with the deluge of email. Messages from social sites like Facebook and Foursquare all get directed to a Social folder, keeping them out of the primary email stream, and the new Sweep function allows users to delete all but the most recent emails from a common source (only the most recent LivingSocial newsletter, for example). Outlook also leverages Windows 8.1's multiwindow view by having attachments open in the proper app in a side-by-side window.

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