The big shift in business technology

As the autonomous IT department fractures and businesses opt for cloud or professional services, we invite you to tell us how your own organization is changing

As the futurist Paul Saffo once said, never mistake a clear vision for a short distance. I spend a lot of time writing about tech trends -- and I firmly believe we're in a time of unprecedented change, both in the pace of technology development and in the way IT is purchased and deployed. But how much of that is actually playing out in your organization today?

It's an important question, and the answer has a big impact on what we cover at InfoWorld. Based on what I hear in conversations with customers, vendors, and even our own informal focus groups, a theme keeps emerging again and again: IT seems to be fragmenting and under siege at the same time.

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On the one hand, the development and management of proprietary technology that differentiates a business is becoming ever more intertwined with the business itself; often, line-of-business managers are setting IT resource and spending priorities. Even those constantly involved in proprietary software development seldom consider themselves "part of IT." On the other hand, widespread frustration persists with the responsiveness of those who deliver IT services and infrastructure, compelling many business managers to turn to cloud services and other outside providers instead.

But each organization is different. I'd like to invite you to tell your story of how your technology buying and implementation is changing -- with or without attribution, your choice -- and if we publish your work, we'll send you a $50 American Express gift check.

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As InfoWorld readers know, we're one of the few publications written primarily by independent, working tech professionals -- people who are not only first to evaluate emerging technology, but also understand how that new tech may or may not fit in the existing fabric of IT solutions. We always welcome new voices, either in the form of contributed content from readers or in your unvarnished opinion of what we should be covering to increase our usefulness to you.

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