Mobile first? Mobile only? What it really means to go mobile

Everyone from startups to old-line tech providers are targeting IT, which must go mobile or go home

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There's way too much industry and IT focus today on managing mobile rather than exploiting mobile for business value. Companies (often led by IT) are squandering this amazing set of technologies.

Some companies have figured out that exploitation is where the action should be because that's where the value is generated. At the recent CIO Global Forum, I saw cool examples of mobile enablement from Esat Sezer, CIO of Coca-Cola Enterprises, the European soft drink distributor. It created compelling smartphone apps and grabbed others from; together, they let its sales reps and delivery staff serve customers better, reduce paperwork effort, better track information, and even tackle new tasks, such as photograph display cases for use in advisory services to increase sales.

Sezer is thinking about being mobile-smart. That's what all companies should be doing: Harnessing both their creative and engineering capabilities to be smart in their specific contexts.

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