Introducing InfoWorld's New Tech Forum

Where can you find out how new enterprise technology really works without the hype? InfoWorld offers an exciting new resource for technologists with our New Tech Forum

For years, consumer technology grabbed all the attention. But now that mobile and social have plateaued a bit, there's little doubt enterprise technology is where the action is. With several big, established enterprise vendors focusing on shoring up their legacy products, VCs are pouring investments into enterprise startups that are bringing a feast of disruptive innovation to the table.

Fortunately, enterprise technology is where InfoWorld lives -- and being on the edge of Silicon Valley gives us easy access to the technologists who are making it happen. To explore the explosion in new enterprise technology in unprecedented depth and breadth, InfoWorld has just launched the New Tech Forum, a new way for us to explore the big shift in business technology.

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As the name suggests, New Tech Forum focuses on enterprise technology and how it works. New Tech Forum, unlike other areas of the InfoWorld site, accepts original content from technologists employed by vendors, as well as by unaffiliated individuals. The idea is to publish detailed explanations of how new enterprise technology works without the marketing hype.

To ensure that fidelity, content for New Tech Forum is assigned and edited by senior contributing editor Paul Venezia, who over the past decade has written some of InfoWorld's deepest and most important content, including widely respected enterprise product reviews, ongoing coverage of the Terry Childs saga, and our groundbreaking story of a fundamental flaw in the Oracle Database.

Our first New Tech Forum post, an explanation of database virtualization technology, was written by Jedidiah Yueh, the CEO of Delphix, a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup. Conversations with dozens of other startups -- as well as established companies working on technologies that challenge the status quo -- have already yielded a high level of interest in New Tech Forum, which will be updated weekly with fresh technology discussions. Enquiries should be sent to

As the pendulum swings back to enterprise, there appear to be fewer and fewer sources where IT professionals -- InfoWorld's core audience -- can look under the hood at the level of detail needed to determine whether a technology is worth further exploration. New Tech Forum is dedicated to serving that need. Beyond presenting deep tech information, we hope New Tech Forum will spur discussion among our technologist readers and inspire them to offer their own content for publication.

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