BYOD decision points: Who pays?

Corporate policies vary on who buys the devices and who covers the monthly fees

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As enterprises implement BYOD initiatives, IT managers have some key decisions to make: who purchases the devices, who pays for data plans and carrier contracts, and how does the company manage a mix of corporate and personal access to data on the devices.

At Wells Fargo, employees are responsible for paying data charges, says Jim Spicer, executive vice president and CIO for Corporate Technology and Data.

Spicer says now that industry and vendor offerings have matured, the company has implemented a pilot program with 3,000 employees. The goal of the experiment is to provide technologies that better enable workers to support the bank's customers.

"It's always been part of our strategy to test and evaluate products before bringing them to the enterprise. The pilot is where the rubber meets the road. We decided our team members would be responsible for data plans at this time," says Spicer.

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