Smartphones find new ally in war against water

P2i shows off nanotech coating that protects your smartphone's delicate innards from the invasive evil of water

Smartphone are technological marvels, but as soon as a bit of liquid gets inside them, it's game over, man. Now, at Mobile World Congress, a company called P2i showed off a new nanotechnology that could save your smartphone from a dreaded watery death.

The real problem with moisture in smartphones is that it creates a short circuit, rendering the phone useless. But if P2i applies its nanotechnology coating to a smartphone's electronics, it creates a waterproof barrier. That is, if water enters the device, it won't get a chance to perform its short-circuity evil because it will never actually come in contact with the circuitry. The video above shows phones being soaked in a shower for 20 minutes and functioning just fine. You'll never have to suffer from angst due to rain, puddles, and, yes, toilets, again -- at least not as far as your smartphone is concerned.

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