Video: John Oliver chews up, spits out techies at TechCrunch Awards

Uber, commuter buses, out-of-touch execs -- 'The Daily Show' vet leaves no target untouched in Crunchies opening remarks

Fair warning: The video below contains some NSFW language. Fairer warning: The video below is also quite funny.

John Oliver, best known for his work on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," was picked to host last night's Crunchies, the awards show created by TechCrunch, and as his opening remarks show, he did not miss the opportunity to burn the attendees ("You're accused of over-gentrifying a city that was already the most expensive city to live in!"), perennial punching bag Larry Ellison (deemed to share the title of Most Cartoonish Villain with Tom Perkins), and even the show itself ("It's like Nobel prizes given out in an atmosphere of high school bitchiness"). It's a tremendous performance in a target-rich environment.

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