GOOGLE sells Motorola, keeps patents -- FACEBOOK grabs mobile crown -- MICROSOFT eyes Nadella for CEO -- ELLISON: IBM, SAP no longer threats


January 30, 2014 06:00 PST | 09:00 EST | 14:00 UTC

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>> DRIVING THE DAY: Google's prepared to sell Motorola at a huge loss, by Matthew Yglesias: "Google never really integrated phone-maker Motorola Mobility into the rest of its business after paying $12.5 billion for it back in 2012, and now it's a good thing since it's going to unload the mobility division to Lenovo for a bit less than $3 billion in cash and stock. On its face that's a ~$9 billion price for some of Motorola's patents, which looks terrible. But Google sold Motorola's set-top box division already for ~$2.3 billion, and also acquired about $3 billion in cash when it acquired Motorola. So on net it's more like they come away about $5 billion poorer and in exchange get the patents. Not a great deal but not a terrible one. For Lenovo it's basically a cheap way to get into the handset market." Slate

> Lenovo's Motorola buy takes Android out of Google's clutches CITEworld

> Google keeps 'vast majority' of Motorola Mobility patents in sale to Lenovo TechCrunch

> Google keeps Motorola's Advanced Technology Group, home of the Modular Phone and Password Tattoo TechCrunch

> Larry Page says 'Motorola will be better served by Lenovo' MobileSyrup

> After Google pressure, Samsung will dial back Android tweaks, homegrown apps Re/code

> With Motorola sale and Samsung peace, Google finds practical exit to an unconventional (and expensive) deal GigaOM

> Exclusive: Google close to settling EU antitrust probe - sources Reuters

> Blogosphere echo chamber count: 400 >> NEW KING MOBILE: Facebook asserts its success on mobile with another strong quarter, by Zach Miners: "Total revenue for the quarter ended Dec. 31 was US$2.59 billion, a 63 percent increase from the same period the previous year... Net income for the social media company was $523 million, a more than 700 percent increase from the fourth quarter in 2012. Earnings per share was $0.20. Excluding share-based compensation expenses and related payroll tax expenses and adjustments, earnings per share was $0.31, topping analyst expectations of $0.27. Facebook generated sales of $2.34 billion from advertising, a 76 percent increase from the previous year. Of its total ad sales, 53 percent came from ads placed on mobile devices." InfoWorld

> Facebook officially a mobile ad firm with 53% of ad revenue now coming from its 945M mobile users TechCrunch

> Facebook's plot to conquer mobile: Shatter itself into pieces TechCrunch

> With Paper, Facebook just blew its own iPhone app out of the water The Verge

>> SPY VS. SPY: US intelligence chief has 30 days to reveal if specific citizens were spied upon, by Adi Robertson: "...remarkably hostile Senate hearing pitted Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI head James Comey, and their Congressional supporters against senators who wanted hard, public answers to questions whose answers have been kept ambiguous or under wraps to all but a few officials. In a series of curt questions, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), a longtime surveillance critic, extracted hard promises of information from the NSA, CIA, and FBI. Within 30 days, Clapper has agreed to reveal whether intelligence agencies have ever searched through records for information about specific US citizens. CIA director John Brennan will answer within a week whether the limits of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act apply to his agency. Comey will lay out what burden of proof FBI agents must meet before tracking cellphone location data from either apps or cell towers." The Verge

> Director of National Intelligence Clapper: Post-Snowden surveillance changes hurt security Politico

> Clapper: Snowden and media "accomplices" should return our documents Ars Technica

> Terror defendant challenges evidence gathered by NSA spying Wired

>> ROAR OF THE DINOSAUR: Ellison says IBM and SAP no longer Oracle's main rivals, by James Niccolai: "'Our competitors are this whole new generation of cloud companies. We're focused on the infrastructure companies like Amazon and the SaaS companies like Salesforce,' Ellison said. 'We just swapped a bunch of big guys--IBM and SAP--for a bunch of other guys; small but agile,' he said. He also named Workday as a rival, the application service provider started by PeopleSoft cofounder Dave Duffield, but then quickly dismissed its product." InfoWorld

> Ellison: Facebook is new model for business applications InfoWorld

>> REDMOND CONCLAVE (EXTENDED DANCE VERSION): Now at 160 days, Microsoft CEO search could be nearing its end with insiders on inside track, by Kara Swisher: "According to numerous sources close to Microsoft, the selection of a new CEO could happen within the next week... The effort has also utterly agonized the rank-and-file, slowed a massive restructuring inside the company and exposed some serious boardroom rifts, in a search that now dragged on for more than sixth months... And, at this moment, those who have watched the process think that insider Satya Nadella, who is currently leading its enterprise effort, is the likeliest internal candidate to prevail." Re/code

> An open letter to Microsoft's next CEO: 12 wishes from the Windows faithful InfoWorld

>> BEZOS BUCKS: Amazon to offer Kindle checkout system to physical retailers, by Greg Bensinger: "Amazon plans to offer brick-and-mortar retailers a checkout system that uses Kindle tablets... [it] would give merchants Kindle tablets and credit-card readers... might offer retailers other services, such as website development and data analysis... Amazon's plans remain fluid and the project might be delayed, altered or canceled, the [unnamed sources] said." Wall Street Journal

>> Ensighten raises $40M to take on Adobe and Salesforce, redefine the marketing cloud Pando

>> Qualcomm faces prospect of record $1B antitrust fine in China Reuters

>> New clues in the Target breach Krebs on Security

>> LibreOffice 4.2 released with new monochrome icon theme, Gnome 3 application menu integration and more Web Upd8

>> Big Data analytics and why datacenter infrastructure matters Network Computing

>> California regulator seeks to shut down 'learn to code' bootcamps VentureBeat

>> Gmail bug made some users accidentally delete emails The Verge

>> Prince drops $22M lawsuit against alleged music bootleggers TMZ

>> The PC may be dying, but tablet growth is slowing as consumer saturation sets in ZDNet

>> Why hasn't Twitter just given @N his name back? TechCrunch

>> CNN announces partnership with Twitter to 'revolutionize' news gathering The Verge

>> Dell's Cloud Connect thin client provides business Android on a stick InfoWorld

>> Google redesigns stock quotes widget on search results page, removes links to competitors TechCrunch

>> Microsoft inches closer to becoming a serious MDM contender CITEworld

>> A brief, incomplete, and mostly wrong history of programming languages James Iry

>> Node vs. Java - Web service performance Joey Whelan

>> The emerging bitcoin civil war Business Insider

>> Mint integrates with Coinbase, so you can track bitcoin with the rest of your finances VentureBeat

>> BITCOIN: $928 Mt.Gox

>> TWEET O' THE DAY: "Facebook still doesn't quite seem to get that most of us do not have beautiful friends who take beautiful photos with great cameras" @BenedictEvans

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