BrandPost: The Microsoft Licensing Corner, #4

Your rundown of the latest releases, reviews, news, and more

As you know, Microsoft generates a lot of talk in tech circles. You want to keep up on the latest news, but you don’t want to have to sift through every article and post to find the information most useful to you. That’s where I come in. As a person obsessed with Microsoft software licensing, I’ve hand-picked the best articles about the most relevant updates and product releases, from around the Web. Read on for information about Microsoft Server and Cloud Licensing, Windows 8.1 updates, and more.

Microsoft Dangles New Server and Cloud Pricing Offer for Enterprise Users

"Right on cue, on November 1, Microsoft introduced a new option to its Enterprise Agreement licensing plan that 'allows highly committed customers to standardize broadly on one or more key Server and Cloud technologies from Microsoft.'"

by Mary Jo Foley

November 3, 2013

Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2

"Microsoft officials had promised a big release today, with Satya Nadella, Microsoft's cloud and enterprise executive vice president, describing the Oct. 18 release earlier this month as 'one of the biggest release waves I have witnessed inside of Microsoft.' The general availability milestone means that the products are available, although volume licensing price lists could arrive next month. Microsoft will increase the price of Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter edition by 28 percent over last year's model."

by Kurt Mackie

October 18, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8.1 review

"Let's get this out of the way up front: Windows 8.1 is not going to change how you feel about Microsoft’s current PC operating system. If you were looking for radical overhaul of 2012's Windows 8, or a retro throwback to Windows 7, this isn’t it. Instead, this modest update for 2013 is a series of generally positive tweaks and updates to Microsoft's forward-thinking OS, and a clear attempt to change the tenor of the conversation about Windows 8."


October 17, 2013 8 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8.1

"The release this week of Windows 8.1 is a mea culpa of sorts for Microsoft. The version formerly code-named Windows Blue addresses many of the complaints lodged by those who tested it, including the CRN Test Center. And after spending a good deal of time with Windows 8.1 over the last 24 hours, our disdain for it has abated. New customization capabilities enable it to behave in ways that best suit not only user preferences and habits but also the input devices they choose. In other words, Windows 8.1 is actually pretty good, and here are eight reasons why."

by Edward J. Correia


October 18, 2013

Microsoft Releases Dynamics CRM 2013

"Dynamics CRM 2013, the latest release of Microsoft's on-premises customer relationship management (CRM) product, reached general availability today."

by Gladys Rama

October 31, 2013

SQL Server 2014 CTP2 Now Available

"Microsoft today announced the availability of its SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2 (CTP2) version for testing."

by Kurt Mackie

October 16, 2013

Microsoft Adds Backup and Recovery to Windows Azure Public Cloud

"Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a series of updates to its Windows Azure public cloud, including new data backup and disaster recovery services, as well as expanded cloud development tools."

by Kevin McLaughlin


October 22, 2013

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