Stupid user tricks: The most embarrassing flubs yet

From conference call mishaps to misdirected sexy texts, these compromising tales will make you grateful they didn't happen to you

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Stupid user trick No. 6: Attached to failure

Paper résumés are quickly becoming a remnant of the past. While digital attachments may be quicker and easier to send, they also pose their own sets of risks.

JR Rodrigues, founder of an accessory distributor called NetCablesPlus, watched as a colleague discovered how it can all go wrong. The colleague was looking for a new position in network management and spent a day sending her credentials to prospective employers. Given her qualifications, she was surprised when two weeks went by without a single word back from any of them.

"She began to have doubts about her résumé and her potential marketability," Rodrigues says.

Finally, the woman received a rejection letter from one of the companies. It was standard boilerplate fare -- except for one crucial note at the end:

"P.S. Thank you for attaching the Red Sox 2014 game schedule. I hope that they go all the way again this year!"

There you have it: The woman accidentally attached a baseball schedule to her emails instead of her résumé. Steeeerike!

The moral: Never send an email without making sure you (a) remembered to attached a file -- and (b) attached the right file. A baseball schedule is bad enough; imagine if it had been something worse.

Stupid user trick No. 7: Boyfriend, boss -- whatever

Smartphones have transformed the way we work while traveling for business. Part of that transformation, however, includes opening the door to new kinds of embarrassing blunders.

A graphic designer we'll call Katie was attending an out-of-state convention last fall. Her boss asked her to keep in touch and check in via text a few times a day to let him know how things were going.

Easy enough, right? You'd think -- but Katie was also texting with her boyfriend on and off during her days away. As luck would have it, she managed to get her threads mixed up and send something intended for her boyfriend to her boss.

"Amazingly, it wasn't anything too intimate," she laughs. "But it was still humiliating."

As best as Katie can remember, the text said something about missing him so much and looking forward to being in his arms again soon. She's pretty sure there was at least one utterance of "baby," too, along with something about feeling his skin pressed against hers.

"I figured out what had happened when my boss sent me a text back and said, 'I think this might been meant for someone else.' I was so relieved that he never mentioned it again!" she says.

The moral: Text with care. In our world of instant communication, there are no take-backs. Even if your boss or colleague is kind enough to keep quiet around you, you can be sure he'll be telling the tale of your misstep for years to come.

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