Video: Watch every Windows upgrade ever

Or at least Windows 1.0 through Windows 7, as one user chronicles changes to Microsoft's flagship OS over the years

This is a cool little experiment: What happens when you start with Windows 1.0 and upgrade to each successive OS version up to Windows 7? What settings remain? What happens to your programs? Intrepid YouTuber TheRasteri (real name Andy) wanted to find out, so he set up a virtual machine and got to installing, cataloging the results in the video below.

Besides being a fun look back at the evolution of Windows, the video illustrates how the changes to the OS over the years have affected the PC's data and settings. To keep a log of the upgrades' impact on the machine, Andy tracks color settings and whether a pair of games (Monkey Island and Doom II) will successfully run, and he charts the refinement of the Program Manager through each iteration. He also notes how long each install takes (the longest was Windows 98, which took an hour an a half) and some of the technical difficulties encountered, such as the need to upgrade from MS-DOS's FAT16 filesystem to FAT32 to install Windows XP and beyond.

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