Parallels says key to success is cloud virtualization, not Mac desktop virtualization

Containers in the cloud can provide increased density, elasticity, and scalability efficiencies

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"It's these latter two advantages which are driving interest in containers in the cloud," he added.

Bottomley went on to describe these containers in the cloud:

A container doesn't have to contain a full operating system; it can contain just enough to spawn an application or even, for some specialized applications, just a thread which that application itself spawns. This ability of containers to place walls around groups of processes, or even threads within processes, and isolate them tightly from the rest of the kernel makes them the ideal technology for building the next generation of multitenant, highly elastic and individually personalized cloud services.

Container virtualization should be considered another tool in a company's cloud computing tool belt. And if you are worried about vendor lock-in, the technology isn't specific to Parallels. The company offers Parallels Cloud Server, a virtualization and cloud storage solution that includes Parallels Containers, but this type of container technology is also used by platform-as-a-service providers such as CloudFoundry, Heroku, and OpenShift, as well as other private cloud IaaS implementations such as OpenStack and Cloudstack.

As with any other cloud or virtualization technology, its implementation should be driven by use case and the individual needs of your company and should not be considered a one-size-fits-all approach.

Parallels continues to grow its partner and customer base across virtualization and cloud computing lines of business, and it will host the Parallels Summit annual conference in February 2014 in New Orleans. The summit should showcase a number of Parallels and partner ecosystem products. If last year is any indication, expect the vast majority of the show to focus on hosting providers and cloud services developers.

Sorry, Mac users! Although you too will probably be represented at the conference, it will be on a much smaller scale than you might like.

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