Splunk's log analysis framework adds C#, .Net tools

The new tools leverage recently added features and allow Splunk to be accessed in cross-platform development

Splunk, the framework for analyzing logs that's grown into a broad-scale data analytics platform, has gained a new array of tools for .Net developers.

A blog post by the Splunk team team describes the new tools, which fall into three basic categories: a C# SDK; a set of libraries for logging, so existing .Net applications can write log data to Splunk over a network; and an extension for Visual Studio.

According to the team, the C# SDK itself isn't merely meant to add baseline .Net support for Splunk, but also to take advantage of recently added platform features like async/await. The client package also includes a portable class library, which allows for Splunk to be accessed in cross-platform development -- for example, in Xamarin Studio. It's easy to forget that .Net is used on platforms other than Windows, moreso now that Microsoft is making the .Net ecosystem into more of an open source endeavor.

With the logging libraries, Splunk's team says, a .Net application can log directly to an instance of Splunk without needing to write to a file. Logging requests can be set over TCP or UDP, and they can be wired into the Event Tracing for Windows. The Visual Studio extension automates the creation of .Net projects that use Splunk's client libraries, as well as including snippets for common Splunk library tasks.

Splunk's proprietary nature has spawned a raft of open source rival projects, but their scope seems focused on providing a no-cost alternative to Splunk's original core functionality, namely the analysis of Web server logs. Splunk, though, is becoming a kind of mini-Hadoop, a system for analyzing and providing human-readable results from machine-generated data. In fact, one of Splunk's subplatforms, Hunk, provides Hadoop extensions to Splunk -- which existing Splunk programmers, whether they use C#, .Net, or another option, ought to find useful.

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