Famo.us eyes more screens and more devices

The JavaScript framework is geared for native-like UI capabilities on the Web

Looking to bring cutting-edge capabilities to Web development, the company behind the Famo.us JavaScript framework formally launched this week is working on improvements, including multiview and multimode capabilities.

Famo.us CEO Steve Newcomb says projects in the lab at the company include multiview support, which would allow objects to be dragged from one screen to another on different devices. Multimode support would enable applications to be rendered to multiple types of devices via HTML, Canvas, and WebGL simultaneously.

Famo.us is intended to bring native-like experiences to the Web development realm. Advanced UI capabilities, focusing on manipulation and sizing, already are available in Famo.us, Newcomb said. He equated Famo.us's capabilities to what can be done with the Facebook Paper app. The company wants "beautiful" HTML apps to be the standard.

To encourage developers, Famo.us has launched Famo.us University for online developer education. There are 14 courses currently available, along with two final projects implementing the course material. Engines, templates, widgets, and integrations in Famo.us are available as free Zip files.

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