IT salaries are up this year, but not by much

Janco Associates finds salaries barely rose over the past 12 months, and workers in midsized companies enjoyed bigger raises

If you work in IT, odds are you enjoy a salary that's above average for this economy. But according to a newly released survey by Janco Associates, salaries for IT workers have risen by only 0.33 percent overall since this time last year.

Janco's report surveyed 256 large and 808 midsized organizations and found the biggest gains were in midsized enterprises, with middle managers at midsized enterprises (0.80 percent) and executives at same (0.76 percent) getting the biggest raises overall. "Over the long term, IT executives have fared better in mid-sized companies than large companies," noted Janco CEO Victor Janulaitis.

Large enterprises, though, lost out. Overall, they posted only 0.02 percent gains, with middle managers and staff losing 0.10 percent and 0.15 percent in their paychecks respectively.

Computerworld's own 2014 Salary Survey has painted a slightly rosier picture, at least for mid- and senior-level salaries. Paychecks in both of those categories rose by an average of 2 percent in companies of all sizes, although staff and entry-level positions rose by an average of only 1 percent. The biggest per-position jumps in pay were for two senior-level slots: Internet technology architect/strategist (5.3 percent) and CSO (5 percent).

While IT job growth is up overall, IT job growth has slowed, with only 32,200 jobs added in January through May 2014 versus 36,500 for the same period in 2013. Despite a particularly bad first quarter, where the economy contracted at a startling 2.9 percent annual rate, job growth wasn't directly affected, but it also wasn't bolstered.

Another side effect of the growth in hiring, even if that growth is not what it could be, may be job candidates holding out for better pay. Janco's report noted jobs in high demand in IT are "associated with quality control, BYOD implementation, and service level improvement," and there's some overlap with the job positions CompTIA found were in high demand but also difficult to fill. Support and service personnel, for instance, constituted nearly half of CompTIA's hard-to-fulfill positions.

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