Apple rolls out more features for iWork for iCloud

Apple's iWork for iCloud gets a handful of worthwhile improvements that are well integrated with the rest of the suite

Apple has rolled out a number of improvements to its three iWork for iCloud beta apps. While none of the improvements rate as earth-shattering -- and there's still no improvement in file handling, the crucial problem I mentioned in my review last month -- the new features show that Apple isn't resting on its laurels, and it's serious about offering high-quality free online office productivity apps that work almost identically in the cloud, on Macs or iPads.

All three apps in the suite now support an Edit Mask feature for cropping and zooming a picture simultaneously. Like all the other iWork tools, it's elegant and works quite intuitively: Right-click on a pic and choose Edit Mask.

All of the apps now let you edit documents up to 1GB or insert images up to 10MB. There are tools to build 2D and interactive charts that work simply. And you can collaborate with up to 100 people who are running Pages for iCloud, or (remarkably) Pages on any Apple device.

Pages for iCloud gains the ability to remember your document settings when you return to a doc: zoom level, format panel, and guides. It'll export to ePub format and let you create "z-order" layering of any items in a document.

Numbers for iCloud restores your last selected sheet. There's also an automatic "alternate row color" setting, and it exports to CSV.

Keynote for iCloud lets you show and hide slide numbers.

Best of all, the new features don't feel bolted on; they are integrated with the rest of the suite and work unobtrusively.

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