IT résumé makeover: How to avoid selling yourself short


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Executive career coach and résumé expert Cheryl Lynch-Simpson helps an early career project manager develop her personal brand

There's a time and a place for modesty and humility -- your résumé isn't one of them. That's what Cheryl Lynch-Simpson, executive career coach and résumé expert with Executive Resume Rescue, saw when she looked at Susan Toomey's (not her real name) résumé -- a talented, highly skilled project management professional who was selling herself short.

"My first impression was that Susan was dramatically underselling herself," Lynch-Simpson says. "Susan's original résumé was generic. Her summary contained content that could have been true of any candidate seeking similar roles, which is always a sign to me that she wasn't doing significant 'branding,'" Lynch-Simpson says.

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A personal brand is critical to set yourself apart from other candidates vying for the same position. Making sure to hone in on unique achievements, successes, skills, and knowledge is key, especially for a candidate like Toomey who, while experienced, didn't have decades of work history behind her.

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