10 cool Bluetooth devices for iPhone or Android

The smartphone is the new computer, and wireless peripherals are popping up everywhere
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10 cool Bluetooth devices for iPhone or Android

It's an odd thought: peripherals for your smartphone, which itself is often considered a peripheral to your computer. But as mobile devices become computing devices in their own right, a cornucopia of peripherals is emerging.

The power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0, also called Bluetooth Smart, has been supported by Apple's iPhones and iPads since 2011 and by more recent Android devices (which must run Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or later). It's fast becoming the way these peripherals connect.

You've no doubt seen Bluetooth headsets, heart monitors, fitness trackers, blood pressure monitors, and smart watches -- the usual suspects. But you've not likely seen the 10 peripherals showcased here. They show just how far the smartphone-centered Internet of things will go.

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