Sing it, brah! 5 fabulous songs for developers

Every hero needs a theme song. If you're an IT hero, try one of these one for size


Let the countdown begin

Music soothes the savage beast, as the saying goes, and IT certainly deserves to have its own songs (no, "Whistle While You Work" doesn't count). Here are the songs that hit the top five on our charts. If you think we missed some sleeper hits, let us know in the comments -- perhaps we'll be able to pull a Casey Kasem and put together a top 40!

"Imagine Devops"

Boy, devops sure holds a lot of promise, doesn't it? This little ditty (set to the tune of John Lennon's "Imagine," naturally) extolls all the virtues devops might bring, from no longer needing a QA team to "no SQL to be Web-scaled." Our only suggestion for improvement would be to have it sung by Paul Rudd doing his hilariously terrible John Lennon impression from "Walk Hard."

Ruby on Rails song

This short-and-sweet little ditty applies some surprisingly good barbershop quartet/doo-wop chops to -- you guessed it -- Ruby on Rails. We weren't aware there was an overlap in the Venn diagrams showing the cross-section of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts and a capella aficionados, but evidently, we were wrong.

"Code Monkey"

Ah, the gentle code monkey, so gracefully absorbing the derision and disinterest of others when all he wants is to do his job and enjoy a little companionship. It's about time he had his own ballad -- a tune that expresses the quiet triumphs and daily downers in a code monkey's life, all in proper monkey dialect, no less (that is, no conjugating of verbs).

"The Programmer Song"

This spin on The Police's "Every Breath You Take" reminds developers that every single break, every diff they make, every game they play, every slight delay, they are indeed being watched. Paranoid? Perhaps. But if you had managers breathing down your neck to get your code finished yesterday, wouldn't you be on edge too?

"Write in C"

This is another Beatles-related cover -- "Let It Be" gets the treatment here -- and also another "this language is the best!" thesis, featuring lyrics like "If you've just spent nearly 30 hours/Debugging some assembly/Soon you'll be very glad to/Write in C." The real lesson here? Programmers dig the Beatles.