The top 6 jailbreak apps for iOS 6

These tools will help you get the most out of your jailbroken iPhone

Credit: iStockPhoto (chain photo)
A new iOS, a new jaibreak

So you've gone ahead and jailbroken your iPhone running iOS 6. Now what? Well, aside from doing a victory dance for triumphing over the iPhone's carrier limitations, you could start loading up on jailbreak apps. Try these six on for size.

Action Menu Plus
Action Menu Plus

Action Menu Plus is a super-useful suite that adds all sorts of new actions to your Action Menu and integrates them with every app on your device. It includes such actions as track history, look up (on Google, Wikipedia, Dictionary, and Google Translate), and locate.

App: Action Menu Plus
Author: Ryan Petrich
Price: $2.99

iRealSMS 3.0

The iPhone's built-in Messenger app does fine as a basic text-messaging client, but iRealSMS is a much beefier app that brings email-like functionality to text messaging. Besides giving you Inbox, Outbox, Sent, and Draft folders, this app includes functionality like text-to-voice, quick reply/quick send, character count, forward via mail, and privacy settings.

App: iRealSMS 3.0
Author: SpiritOfLogic


Xpandr is your basic shortcut app -- and anything that saves on the amount of typing you have to do on an iPhone is a winner. This app lets you save an unlimited amount of shortcuts and apply them to any app or text field.

App: Xpandr
Author: Nicolas Haunold
Price: $2.99

Mobile Dashboard
Mobile Dashboard

Mobile Dashboard takes care of one task, but it's a handy task: It puts dashboard widgets over your home screen for easy access. A Sticky Note widget has already been made, and the forthcoming widget-creation API promises to allow users to whip up their own widgets.

App: Mobile Dashboard
Author: Ryan
Price: $1.49


The nifty Infiniboard app lets you vertically scroll your home screens so that you can add more apps to them. The screens will scroll like regular pages; if you want to group your apps by the page, you can do so without per-page limitations.

App: Infiniboard
Author: chpwn
Price: $0.99


It seems like the iPhone should just let you select any song on the device to act as a ringtone, but for whatever reason, it doesn't. Enter AnyRing, which lets you do just that or even record your own voice as a ringtone. You can select the start and stop time of the song to be assigned as the ringtone, as well as create a custom SMS alert tone.

App: AnyRing
Author: AnyRing
Price: $3.99