Gearhead: Hardware you'll want to get your hands on

Everything from DIY satellites to brain wave readers makes this list of tech we're dying to have
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TubeSat: A DIY satellite

For a mere $8,000 or thereabouts, you too can join the space race. The TubeSat Kit from Interorbital Systems includes "the satellite's structural components, printed circuit board [designs], electronic components, solar cells, batteries, transceiver ... antennas, microcomputer, and the required programming tools ... [to] construct a satellite that can be received on the ground by a hand-held amateur radio receiver." The price also includes the cost of launch into self-decaying low earth orbit so the "bird" will last for several weeks before plummeting back into the atmosphere and burning up. I should probably include this in a Christmas round-up of tech toys as what budding nerd wouldn't want Santa to bring her one of these?

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