Minimize Metro! How to make Windows pure again

Windows 8's Metro UI is really jarring but hard to avoid -- unless you follow these tips
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Minimize Metro! How to keep the pure Windows experience alive

So you use Windows 7, and you're thinking about upgrading to the new Windows 8. You've read about the jolting changes when you jump between the Windows Desktop side of Windows 8 and the Metro side. Perhaps you've already downloaded the Release Preview or final (RTM) version of Win8 and had a chance to judge the whiplash for yourself. If the sudden Jekyll and Hyde change doesn't bother you, that's great -- you're a better mouser than I, Gunga Din. But if you don't want to jump over to the Metro side every time Windows squawks, but stay on the Windows Desktop as much as possible, take these steps to keep your desktop sunny-side up -- most of the time.

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