Google grim reaper: 18 months of killed projects

The grimmest project, app, and API garrotes from Google’s latest eight reapings
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The Google grim reaper: Killing projects is my business ... and business is good

Google recently announced yet another round of "spring cleaning." For those unfamiliar with Google's use of the phrase, it can be translated thusly: "We aren't making enough money from these products, so we're orphaning them. Tough luck."

Indiscriminate tossing of baby and bathwater has led to abrupt changes at Google -- including the abandonment of very pricey acquisitions and about-faces that occur at a whiplash pace.

By my count, Google has discontinued more than 70 free-standing apps and major sets of APIs in eight different "spring cleanings" over the past 18 months. Perhaps Larry Page took Steve Jobs' advice to figure out what Google's good at, and focus ... mercilessly.

Let's look at the grimmest Google garrotes, starting with the first spring reaping.

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