Beyond the Web: 10 surprising Node.js projects

In addition to playing the role of Web server, Node.js is sparking a wealth of creative applications everywhere JavaScript will run
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Node.js: More than websites

In only a few years since its original release, Node.js -- the server-side JavaScript engine -- has gone from being a curiosity derived from Google Chromium's V8 to a full-blown platform in its own right. Engineers for high-traffic websites like PayPal have written exuberantly about how Node.js makes it easy to create fast-moving Web frameworks.

But Node.js isn't just a Web stack -- it's a technology coming into its own in many different respects. Here's a collection of projects that use Node.js for server monitoring, for media streaming, for remote control, for desktop and mobile apps, and in other ways that don't confine it to the usual role of Web server -- or even to the server at all.

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