5 Microsoft Windows automatic updates from hell

Auto update at your peril: These five Patch Tuesdays blew up in the face of Windows users
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Catastrophic Microsoft auto updates of 2012

Some people still think advanced Windows users should turn on automatic updates. I disagree. Microsoft's automatic updates are for chumps -- and I've been saying that, in print, for a decade.

Of course you need to apply patches sooner or later. Some even need to be installed immediately, but those are almost always released "out of band" to great fanfare in the computer press.

If you're savvy enough to be reading this rant, you're smart enough to set Windows to "Notify but don't download" and wait until the millions of patch beta testers have installed auto updates, then crashed and burned.

Here's a look at the real Microsoft auto-update stinkers of 2012.

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