Dev-olution: Saluting 19 generations of computer programmers

From punch cards to JavaScript, computing history owes everything to those who've programmed the machines
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Credit: Ben Barbante

Dev-olution: Saluting 19 generations of computer programmers

The computer industry has been through a number of generations, each with its own distinctive flavor, often defined by a programming language or technology. They burst out with newborn fervor before settling into a comfortable middle age -- still kicking somewhere because software never really dies.

These new technologies often group programmers by generation. When programmers enter the job market and learn a language, they may stick with the same syntax for life. It's not that it's hard to learn a new language; you can often make more money with the expertise you have, so the generations live on.

Here is our guide to some of the more dominant tech generations in computer history, as embodied by the programmers who gave them life.

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