9 Father's Day gifts for the 21st century

Skip the soap-on-a-rope and tired neckties and give the dads in your life one of these sleek geek gifts for Father's Day


Think beyond ties and t-shirts from film franchises with "Star" in the names

Sure, any techie dad is going to feign gratitude for a remote control that looks like a tricorder. But Dad's love of tech can be indulged via gifts that are both practical and well designed. Here are our picks for this year's Father's Day.

Stackable Tetris desk lamp

Remember, people back in your dad's day had video games too. Give Dad a nostalgic bit of desk bling with this Tetris lamp; the pieces stack in multiple configurations.

Gemini Firstmix DJ Software Controller

Two turntables and a microphone is way old school. Give Dad a chance to play DJ with controller that lets him access the music stored on the family PC, then apply classic DJ touches like scratches and cross-fading.

Vision metal watch band for iPod Nano

Why should a watch just tell time? Clip in an iPod Nano 6 into the band and your dad has a timepiece that also plays his favorite tunes.

Stealth case for iPhone 5

Protective phone cases that double as wallets are sleek, streamlined, and practical, but they can leave the user feeling uneasy about having their credit card out in public. This stealth case solves the concern with a shielded compartment that allows tap-to-pay transmissions at any RFID-enabled location. (A case for the iPhone 4 is also available.)

FitBit Flex wireless wristband

Your dad may not be eating clean and doing the Tough Mudder with the rest of his CrossFit box yet, but that shouldn't stop him from tracking his daily activity level with the waterproof, unobtrusive FitBit Flex. The online dashboard lets him monitor his physical progress and talk smack with his buddies.


If your dad is trying to improve his golf swing, gift him the SensoGlove, which has sensors placed throughout to monitor grip pressure and measure every point of the swing.

Scottevest Fleece 5.0 jacket

Mom may have a bottomless purse, but Dad's pockets run a very close second in their stuff-holding duties. Give Dad a place to put his mobile devices -- and yours -- with this fleece jacket that boasts 24 separate, carefully concealed pockets.

Nic Socks subscription

If you must go old-school with Dad and get him socks or a tie, opt for socks with a 21st-century twist. Nic Socks lets you set up a sock delivery subscription so that you can surprise your dad with fresh pairs all year round.

Hot Rod heated travel mug

A mug is usually one of those gifts that betrays a failure of imagination. But this mug does more than make the argument for the world's greatest dad. Thanks to the 12V power plug, this mug allows Dad to plug the morning cuppa into his car's cigarette lighter and keep his brew warm on the daily commute.