9 frightening realities lurking in your IT department

In the spirit of Halloween, CSO recently spoke to Adam Stewart, VP of engineering at Autotask, to outline the most frightening aspects of working in IT

Spider on money roll
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Money, money, money

Try to justify the cost of redundant equipment (which helps increase reliability) to non-IT pros. “Yes, there is a significant upfront cost to this implementation, but preventing an outage will save us money in the long run” is an argument that makes sense, yet fails to work far too often.

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Backup corruption

Finding out that the data backup you are now relying on is indeed corrupted and worthless.


Clock of doom
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Unrealistic deadlines

Trying to obtain an international MPLS circuit in less than six months (yeah, right). 

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Lapses (no, not in judgment -- although those are scary, too)

Realizing that you lost a production interface, and then learned that your Smartnet agreement lapsed a week ago.

Black out with flashlight
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Power loss

Three words: production system outage

Medieval gate
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Uncontrollable barriers

Troubleshooting an international circuit across multiple carriers, time zones, and languages: How do you say "escalate" in Mandarin?

Money being burned
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(Cuts to) money, money, money

Budget cuts and trying to determine which items in the capital expenses budget are "nonessential."

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Password death

Three more dreaded words: password expiration day

Tropical storm
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Disaster preparedness?

Crossing your fingers that the instructions you gave your data center manager about disaster prevention procedures made sense -- as a hurricane is forming off the coast.