What's your obsolete tech really worth on eBay?

Resell, or recycle? From the Commodore 64 to original Apple iDevices, see what's the best option for old hardware
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Resell, or recycle?

Just like cars, old electronics are considered classics after 25 years. But how can you tell which products are valuable collectibles, and which ones won't appreciate at all? Should you drag your old IBM computer or Nintendo console to an e-waste center? Or does it make more sense to sell it today?

Some collectors of vintage tech aren't looking for objets d'art. No, they actually want to use your discarded PCs. On the other hand, says Jim Griffith, eBay's dean of education, "If you had an original Apple computer that's in the box, no one's going to unseal that. That's the holy grail."

So as you peruse the following list, consider the old computers and gadgets stashed inside your closet.

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