The future is now: CES 2012 video sneak peek

Vendors show cool gadgets ahead of next week's consumer gadget-a-thon

I’m beginning to wonder why I’m bothering to travel cross-country next week to Las Vegas and fight with an estimated 140,000 other people at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, when I could just stay at home and watch a bunch of videos by the vendors themselves.

As part of the pre-show hoopla, several vendors are posting video previews of their wares, here are our favorite devices so far:

Smart goggles may turn us into robots

OK, I’m pretty excited about the Sensics SmartGoggles, a 3D, 360-degree gaming and entertainment platform that you’d wear on your head. Watch to see more.

Forget touch-screens – the future is gesture control

Anyone who’s seen sci-fi movies like Minority Report or Iron Man 2 knows that gesture-control looks really cool. Will this exist beyond the movies? Zienon thinks so, as witnessed by its pitch for touch-free gesture control.

Dockem Koala Mount: Watch iPad on the toilet

OK, there are more locations within the house where you can place this tablet wall mount, but I love that we live in a world where I can watch Netflix and eat microwave popcorn while sitting on the toilet (0:06 mark).

Swedish massager? Sign me up

LELO’s CES 2012 video showcases some of its "Smart Wand Massagers" at the show. Enough said, I guess, but remember that CES also overlaps with the adult entertainment expo –- maybe they'll be there, too.

ClarityOne knows the CES audience

Using a sexy redhead and smooth R&B music to advertise their earbuds? Check. Good job, ClarityOneAudio.

Kupa X11 redefines the “notebook”

Dissing the laptop while showing off a "notebook" that's kind of a tablet? OK, tell me more, Kupa.

Typing gets mobile

The "It Types" chord keyboard promises to let mobile users type messages with one hand a lot easier than through traditional methods (take that, iPhone and BlackBerry typing wizards!). Heck, it looks like you can even text while driving again! (0:17 mark)

A product so easy, kids explain it

The LinkCast Wireless HD product from Atlona is so easy to use, two kids describe what it does in this preview video. In case you don’t want to watch, it lets you stream video content from one source (PC, tablet, DVD player) to your TV wirelessly.

Keeping Grandma Alive with Technology

Digital photo frames used to be just about sending grandma new photos of the grandkids, but Sonomba is adding more features, such as a panic button, emergency alerts, calendar appointment and medication reminders, and even brain-stimulating puzzle games to keep seniors alive and active.

Net Nanny goes mobile

Net Nanny has been around for a long time, letting parents protect their kids from seeing some really bad stuff on the Internet, but as most parents are realizing now, the Internet has moved onto mobile devices. Fortunately, at CES 2012 we'll get to see a mobile version of the Net Nanny service. Russ Warner, president/CEO of the company, explains more in this video.

Wall mounts get interesting

No, seriously. Omni Mount is using the themes of tech and fitness to show off some of its swivel-mount solutions -- not just for TVs (so the kids can play Kinect or Wii-based motion games), but for the workplace as well, so those fat employees of yours have to stand to get all of their work done (or you can save money on office chairs, I suppose).

Whoo! Storage! And power outlets!

Other World Computing has a few items it would like to show you, including its Jupiter storage system that is 3x faster than Fibre Channel and 2x faster than Thunderbolt, as well as its Power2U outlets, which include USB charging ports for home installers. They do know this is a consumer technology show, right?

Laptop keyboards rock!

The ergonomic keyboard and stand from LapKeyBoard certainly seems cool enough, but when you add a rocking guitar riff as background music, the video becomes EPIC.

If you want to see even more videos, head over to the CES Press area where you can watch even more pitches.