21 apps Apple doesn't want on your iPhone

Worthwhile productivity apps you won't find at the App Store
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Jailbreak iPhone apps

• Note: For an updated roundup of jailbreak apps in the iPhone 3.0 OS era, see "21 apps Apple doesn't want on your 3.0 iPhone"

Apple's SDK and iTunes App Store rules have prohibited apps that exploit certain iPhone features, such as global UI enhancements (e.g., copy and paste), video recording and streaming, multimedia SMS, Bluetooth file sharing, Internet tethering, and background processing. Apple also blocks apps that don't fit its vision for iPhone usability, including podcasting, direct GPS access, and competing e-mail and Web browser clients. The following 21 apps today run only on jailbroken iPhones. Some of their capabilities will ship with Apple's 3.0 iPhone firmware, but most of them won't.

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