Sustainable IT: The 2013 InfoWorld Green IT Awards

These organizations have implemented innovative ways to slash waste, save energy, boost data center efficiency, and reduce CO2 emissions
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Green IT doesn't generate quite the same buzz it did a few years ago, but that doesn't mean the green-tech movement isn't alive and well. Since the inception of the InfoWorld Green 15 awards in 2008, we've seen organizations of all shapes and sizes raise the green bar year after year, finding new and innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact by slashing carbon emissions, saving electricity, reducing fuel consumption, and eliminating paper waste. All the while, they've reaped significant business benefits, including higher productivity, lower costs, and improved employee morale.

This year's crop of Green 15 winners once again demonstrate that "green IT" is just another term for smart, efficient IT that happens to be good for planet.

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