Chrome on Android: The InfoWorld tour

Google is making its hot Chrome browser available to its hot mobile platform. Find out what you gain -- and lose
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Desktop meets mobile, at least for this browser

Google's Chrome browser has catapulted in usage on the desktop, but has been MIA on Google's Android mobile platform. This week, Google began to remedy that omission, releasing a beta version of the Chrome browser for Android. The beta runs only on Android 4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" devices, of which there is only one on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but dozens of devices should get Android 4 this spring.

So what's different about Chrome versus Android's current browser? For one, it loads pages faster. You can also see some minor cosmetic changes, such as the icon button for switching among open tabs and the color of the icon bar at top. As for the rest, let's find out.

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