20 iPad business apps every CIO should want

iPad apps for sales forces, IT departments, and more
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So you’ve just bought a fleet of new iPads. What now?

Let’s say you’re a CIO who has just caved to employee demands and has ordered a fleet of shiny new iPads that will be dished out to workers in the near future. You’re probably wondering whether these tablets will be employed for productive uses or whether you’ve just shelled out a large pile of cash just to give your employees access to Fruit Ninja while they’re at work.

Well fear not! While the iPad gets all sorts of attention for its consumer applications it also has a rich selection of productivity apps that deliver a multitude of key functions, including sales force support, cloud storage, business intelligence, and more. In this slideshow we’ll give you a look at 20 apps that every CIO new to the world of tablets should consider installing on their iPads before handing them out to the masses (Gartner discussed many of these apps during a webcast this week).

(Oh, and please note that while most of these apps are free to download, many of them require a subscription to access premium content and services.)

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