Programming decathlon: 10 Olympian coding challenges

The international athletic games have nothing on these 10 programming tasks tuned to test true endurance, versatility, and intestinal fortitude
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Credit: Ben Barbante

Programming decathlon: 10 events to test your app dev mettle

The Olympic decathlon may do well in measuring athletic prowess, but it doesn't come close to gauging the intestinal fortitude, quick thinking, and pure endurance programmers display at the keyboard every day.

Lasting a mere two days, the Olympic version includes events that are over in seconds. Keeping software running goes on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with programmers conquering far more than 10 tasks every day, with no gold medals to show for it. Sure, the boss bought beer that one Friday, but only after 19 straight days of work.

These 10 Herculean tasks are a true test of mental acuity, grace, and genius. Let's see one of those running, jumping, tossing billboards for shoe companies complete even one.

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