The revolution that was Windows XP

Microsoft merged Windows 98 and Windows 2000 to create a platform that would outlast all others
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The revolution that was Windows XP

It's hard to believe that Windows XP debuted nearly 13 years ago, six months after the very first version of Mac OS X. Both were reboots of established OSes, but unlike the long-dead OS X 10.0, Windows XP is still widely used today, powering easily one-third of all PCs.

Although it had a rough start due to compatibility woes, XP soon became the Windows that both individuals and enterprises could rely on. It took Windows 95's Mac-inspired graphical interface, married it to a professional-grade core (Windows NT 5.0, aka Windows 2000), and got rid of the DOS foundation.

Let's celebrate Windows XP's innovations as it is officially retired!

Revisit Windows XP's storied history in InfoWorld's special report.

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