The fantastic world of steampunk technology

Steampunk design has taken root in everything from computers to iPhones

Gritty Waltham, Mass., was the perfect center of the steampunk universe recently with a variety of the sub-culture’s notion of technology and society on display. If you are not familiar with the steampunk movement, it usually melds Victorian-era design, industrial technology and modern know-how into a fantasy world of machinery and style. In this case the pictures may do a better case of defining steampunk. Take a gander.

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The steampunk organ computer station

A steampunk clock

Steampunk Segway


A woman types on a typewriter rigged to substitute a computer keyboard at the Watch City Festival celebrating Steampunk in Waltham, Mass., on May 13, 2012.


The industrialist model ray gun from Steampunk celebration


Steam machine Sculpture maker Todd Cahill stands in his Waltham studio.


Sculpture maker Cahill leans out of the window of his studio.


A woman jumps on a steampunk performer who calls himself "The Human Floor" as he lays on a bed of nails.


The steampunk look as reflected in a mirror


Steampunk goggles for sale at the Watch City Festival


The steampunk watch


Brendan Wilson shows off a mechanical arm made out of cardboard at the Watch City Festival.


The steampunk mode of transportation

IPod mini

The steampunk corkscrew

Most keyboards are made of cheap, flimsy plastic. At the other extreme is this custom-made steampunk keyboard with a gorgeous brushed aluminum frame, black felt faceplate, and jewel LEDs.

Built-in obstacles provide some variety to the usual air hockey tedium

Richard Nagy, built his original steakpunk laptop five years ago out of an HP ZT1000 notebook, inferior tools, and little money.

What would any good social movement be without an iPhone app. Take a look at the Steampunk GPS Apparatus. According to its developers, you can watch gears turn, needles spin, and text flip through, just like the steam-powered, spring loaded GPS Apparatus from back in the days before the electric spark changed the world!

A look at the steampunk festival from 2011