Sneak peek: Firefox's fresh new look

Firefox's revamped Australis UI ditches the squared-off edges and goes for a look more akin to that of Google Chrome
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Get ready for Australis, Firefox's new face

Firefox has already undergone a major UI revamp in its time, one divisive enough to even inspire an add-on that reverted Firefox back to its old-school, pre-10.0 look. Now it's about to undergo yet another revision, one that pushes it all the more toward looking like -- surprise! --Google Chrome.

Right now, the new UI, dubbed "Australis," is only available in Firefox's nightly builds, so we downloaded the most recent nightly and fired it up to take a tour of Firefox's glossy new look. There's no word yet on when it'll show up in the mainline builds, but it's always possible to download a separate copy of the nightly channel build and run it apart from your regular Firefox installation.

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