9 programming languages that make coding JavaScript a joy

Need to program in JavaScript, but hung up on its limitations? Try a language that compiles to JavaScript instead
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Credit: Iakov Kalinin

9 worthwhile languages that compile to JavaScript

JavaScript has become must-know tech, as widely spread through the IT ecosystem as Linux and virtualization. But the language bristles with syntactical traps, oddball design decisions, and limitations that can frustrate even the most seasoned developers.

Thankfully, a wealth of JavaScript mini-languages have arisen to take the pain out of programming in JavaScript, in many cases extending features otherwise unavailable to JavaScript itself. These languages, which compile down to JavaScript, may prove easier to code, maintain, and debug than JavaScript.

Following are seven JavaScript substitutes that make programming in JavaScript more productive and pleasant. Note that transpilers exist for compiling existing languages to JavaScript -- such as Opal, which compiles Ruby to JavaScript -- but here we're focusing on languages specifically written to compile to JavaScript.

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